1. What should I consider when purchasing a spa? 
The four most important factors are: the location you wish to put the spa (size), your budget for the spa (cost), the features and benefits of the spa (value), and most importantly the spa manufacturers reputation for quality spas and peerless service (warranty). 

2. What is Hydrotherapy? 
Hydrotherapy, by definition, is the use of water to relieve discomfort and promote physical well-being. Viking Spas uses jet streams to massage the body to reduce stress, sooth joint and muscle pain, and is used by rehabilitation specialists to help their patients. 

 3. Are the jets adjustable? 
All of the jets in your Viking Spa are adjustable. By turning the jet insert not the right you can close or partially close the jet to adjust flow. Note-the ozonator jet in the foot well is not adjustable. 

4. How often do I drain and clean the spa? 
Detergent residue and dissolved solids from chemical use will make it more difficult to keep the water balanced, therefore, it is recommended to clean the spa every 3 or 4 months. Locate the drain on the corner panel, hook up the garden hose and drain. Use a mild soap and water solution and a soft sponge to clean the spa shell. Rinse well and shop vac out before refilling. 

5. What surface is acceptable to set my spa on? 
We recommend placing your spa on a level concrete pad. You may also place it on a wood deck provided the deck is built with the additional weight of the spa in mind. Installing the spa on an unleveled surface may warp the shell and void the warranty. 

6. What does my spa require for electrical hookup? 
Viking Spas offers a wide range of spas. The Plug-n-Play spas come equipped with a 15 amp GFCI cord factory installed. Viking offers a few spas that are either 220 or 115V convertible. Most of our spas require either a 60, 50, or 40 amp GFCI breaker depending on the model. We recommend checking your local electrical code for wire size. The corners of the spa have a removable circle cap you can utilize to run the wiring conduit through. Click here for a schematic for the wiring hookup

7. What is the Ozone Purification System? 
The ozone generator converts oxygen (O2) to ozone (O3), and then infuses with the water of the spa. The addition of this extra oxygen molecule kills bacteria and organic compounds reducing the amount of chemicals needed to keep your spa clean. 

8. How long does it take to heat the spa up? 
Our spas that are hooked up 220V will heat up approximately 6-8 degrees/hour. Spas hooked up 110V will heat up approximately 1-2 degrees/hour. 

9. What distinguishes Viking Spas from other spas? 
Viking Spas mission is to build a high quality spa at an affordable price. Our quality control is evidenced by our spas being sold in the top retail stores in the world. Viking Spa offers the best VALUE in the spa industry. We partner with the industry leaders like Balboa and Waterway to produce our spas with the best components in the industry. The value is also seen in our High Density Polyethylene shell. This extremely strong and durable material is ideal for making spas. Buy with confidence, Viking Spas provides a lifetime shell warranty. Our molds are centered around comfortable seating for all body types. This material is more cost effective and the savings gets passed to you. You can't find a better value in the spa industry than Viking Spas! 

10. How is the temperature controlled? 
Upon initial start up, the spa will heat up to the default temperature of 100 degrees. To change the desired temperature, press the temp button until the desired temp. is blinking, then press the temp. button to adjust. Click here for topside instructions. 

11. What is the filter cycle and mode? 
 What should I use? The filter cycle is the amount of time the pump turns on low speed for filtration purposes and ozone generation during a 12 hour period. The default cycle is F2, which means the pump will turn on for 2 hours and then turn off for 10 hours. The cycle will then repeat. To change the filter cycle press temp until the number is blinking then immediately press jet. Press temp again to adjust. The setting varies upon spa usage but we recommend starting on F4 or F6. The mode has three designations St "standard", EC "Economy", and SL "sleep". The default mode is St. This means the spa will always maintain your desired temperature. Even if you are not in your filter cycle the pump will come on low speed and the heater will turn on if there is heat demand. EC or economy mode will allow the temperature top drop 20 degrees from your desired temperature. We recommend the standard mode as the normal mode of operation. 

12. What side is the equipment located on? 
The rub rail around the spa has a name badge located on one side. This designates the side of the spa that has the power system and the pumps. Keep this in mind when deciding where to position your spa, as you want to keep this side accessible.