Hydro Therapy

Oh the aches and pains of our daily lives. Whether you feel the "burn" from yesterday's intensive workout or the effects of stubbing your big toe on the bed frame. One thing is for sure, the older you get the longer it takes to heal. It is comforting knowing that the hydrotherapy of a hot tub will be there for you every step of the way. 

The first thing you will experience when you climb into your spa is the feeling of weightlessness and the comfort of not being subject to gravity's pull any longer. This new tranquil world allows you to move much more freer and with more ease. 

Next, the hydrostatic properties of the water boost blood circulation and breaks down the lactic acids that cause tight muscles. 

Now the jets. We haven't even mentioned the jets yet. Where water and air bombard your body and envelope your sore limbs and back. Viking Spa has decades of experience in placing jets exactly where they need to be to provide the most relief. And each spa has multiple offerings of jet configurations so you simply move from seat to seat to benefit from different massages.

Our spas are manufactured with WaterwayTM therapy jets and Executive Series pumps. These industry leading components are perfectly combined to provide optimal pressure. Viking has never believed in using valves to divert water away from seats to other seats in a spa. We have always tried to convince our customers that it is better to turn down pressure than to regret buying a spa that is underpowered. From gentle to intense, the massage of a Viking is unparalleled.