Family Therapy

The dinner table. A great place to gather the family to discuss the days events. 

For many families that have an active social schedule and a day filled with endless sports, piano practices, scouts, rehearsals and the like, dinner is more "on the go". Fast food is just that ... fast ... food. By the time a family comes together they only have a small amount of time just before everyone has to go to bed. Waiting until 9pm to eat dinner just doesn't make sense. So besides gathering around a TV where everyone is programmed to watch rather than relate, there aren't that many opportunities to recapture that valuable family time. 

That is until now. You will find that "dragging" together the family is not that difficult when you can gather in a hot tub. Everybody benefits and most importantly everyone sits in an intimate environment in a relaxed way. Tension is gone and finding out how everybody's day went is much more enjoyable. Will the hot tub replace the dinner table as a family gatherer? We at Viking don't believe so, but it does provide a nice alternative to salvage some family time when fast food was your only option that day.