Couple Therapy

It's not called a "rat race" for nothing. Life definitely has it's ups and downs. For most who are lucky enough to have found a partner in life, believe they have found one or hope to find one, the daunting possibility of "strife" is real. Just like life, relationships definitely have their ups and their downs. At Viking, we pose a question: "is it really possible to argue in a hot tub"? After nestling into the warm, soothing waters with that special someone and letting go of all your troubles, what is there to fight about? 

With your hot tub, you will find a genuine escape from the day. The ground rules are simple. No talking about finances, family members or what needs to be done. Strip away the burdensome issues and get down to what brought you two together in the first place. Rekindle the romance. After all, it's easier to face the world together rather than apart!