Arthritis Therapy

Arthritis Therapy

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Hot Tub Arthritis Therapy

Arthritis On The Rise

Joint inflammation, more commonly known as arthritis, plagues many individuals around the world. In the United States, about 1 in 4 adults currently suffer from one or more forms of arthritis. This number has been steadily rising since 1985, where only 1 in 7 adults in the country were reported to have the disease. Arthritis is the leading cause of work disability according to the CDC, where annual costs for medical care and lost earnings is $303.5 billion dollars.

Aside from select forms of arthritis that are genetically based, arthritis can be attributed to overworking, common stress, and a lack of general medical care once symptoms start to arise. Arthritis is nothing to take lightly, either. It can lead to other health problems such as weight loss, fevers, and respiratory issues.

Find Relief Through Hot Water Therapy

Hot tubs are an excellent source of pain relief when it comes to this common medical issue. Hot water therapy is ideal for someone who suffers from one of the many forms of arthritis. It has the ability to relieve extreme stiffness, which allows our bodies’ immune system to repel some of the more serious symptoms listed above. This coupled with the massage of a spa’s jet system can provide immediate relief from arthritic pains.

Hot Water Therapy Arthritis Spas
Arthritis Therapy Hot Tubs Spas

30 Minutes to a Better Life

Although the immediate feeling of pain relief is something to be desired, using a spa has also been proven to reduce the long-term effects of this disease. Sitting in your spa for thirty minutes a day can help reduce joint inflammation gradually and improve muscle elasticity so arthritic flare-ups do not occur throughout the day.

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