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Viking Spas Exclusive

Viking Spas Exclusive! At Viking Spas, we’re committed to innovation and bringing new products to the industry. We are pleased to announce our newest innovation, Vibro·Sonic, is now available at Authorized Viking Spas retailers.

Vibro·sonic is the Next Generation of Massage

This unique jet allows the user’s massage to be totally personalized based upon one’s preferences. Do you want it to be soft and gentle to relax you or to be more vigorous and deeply penetrate within your muscles to relieve the pain?

The Viking Vibro·Sonic Massage System has 4-6 massage jets strategically located to hit specific muscle groups along a person’s back. These jets offer several levels of stimulation that allows a personalized massage based on the users preference. Choose adjustable pulsations, various levels of continuous vibrations and three difference sequences of Shiatsu type massage.

Pain Relief & Your Viking Spa

The most immediate effect of a Vibro·Sonic massage system is pain relief. Combined with the ever present hydrotherapy, the massage will allow your body to release the necessary endorphin to relax your overworked and tired muscles, so that all your body aches and pains will be eased.

To learn more and experience the next generation of massage, visit your nearest Authorized Viking Spas retailer.

Premium Hot Tubs From Viking Spas

Viking Spas is headquartered in West Michigan but our hot tubs our available all across North America. Locate a dealer near you and shop our spa collections today. Find out how a hot tub from Viking Spas can improve your life!

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