Shopping for a Hot Tub? Consider One of Our Plug-n-Play Models

Shopping For a Hot Tub? Consider Our Plug-N-Play Models

Shopping for a Hot Tub? Consider One of Our Plug-n-Play Models

Shopping for a hot tub is an exciting affair, but can come with its objections. Many people worry about the other costs associated with owning a hot tub or the “I rent, so it’s not practical for me to purchase a hot tub.” These are valid concerns, however it doesn’t mean owning a hot tub is out of the question.

Plug-n-play hot tubs are not very well known, but are growing in popularity due to the fact that they address some serious concerns for first time hot tub buyers. Plug-n-play models enable customers to have the choice of a spa with lower installation costs, portability and convenience. Here are some of the advantages when looking at plug-n-play options.

No electrical installation costs

A common barrier to entry in becoming a hot tub owner is the 240v 50 amp electrical capabilities. Firstly, many are unaware that a larger amount of power is required to run traditional hot tubs, and secondly don’t know the installation costs associated with getting these capabilities. Costs can range from $500-$2,000 dependent on electrician fees and the age of one’s home (which could require having an entirely new electrical service run).

However, with a plug-n-play spa these factors don’t apply. Viking Spas plug-n-play models come equipped with a 15 amp GFCI cord factory installed and the portable spa literally plugs into a standard 15 amp outlet to provide you with ease of electrical hook up, rather than digging and setting up electrical pipes. Simply place your spa, fill it with water and then plug the GFCI cord into your outlet.


Due to the added convenience of not having to install a 240v GFCI box and having your tub hard wired, our plug-n-play models are that much more portable. If you are a renter, no need to worry about bringing your tub with you to your new home. Our plug-n-play models are smaller and lighter making them easier to move, plus the electrical installation is still no longer a worry. Down the road, if you do choose to get the 240v installation or move into a home with those capabilities, our plug-n-plays easily convert to 240v.

Lower initial cost

Viking Spas offers 8 different plug-n-play models at lower initial purchase prices than the traditional 240v models. Additionally, these models are great for your second home, making that get away even better knowing you have a hot tub waiting to greet you.

Premium Hot Tubs From Viking Spas

Viking Spas is headquartered in West Michigan but our hot tubs our available all across North America. Locate a dealer near you and shop our spa collections today. Find out how a hot tub from Viking Spas can improve your life!

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