Do’s and Don’ts for a Hot Tub

Do's and Don'ts For a Hot Tub

Do’s and Don’ts for a Hot Tub

The do’s and don’t of owning a hot tub… Owning a hot tub is a great and exciting experience. Every family member can enjoy the fun, happiness, relaxation and even tranquility that comes with the warm water and hydrotherapy a hot tub has to offer.

With this in mind, there are many activities that come to mind while enjoying a hot tub. The thing is that not all these ideas are really the most sensible. Don’t get me wrong, you want the FUN that comes with owing a hot tub, there are just a few DOs and a few DON’Ts to really help improve the rock star experience of a hot tub.

DO: Relax

One of the biggest draws to using a hot tub it the rest and relaxation the warm, massaging water provides. All those stresses, sore muscles and other worries melt away by simply taking a 15-20 minute soak. The numerous health benefits available can really take your hot tub experience to the next level and help you achieve a more enjoyable lifestyle.

DON’T: Fall on your face

Now this tip may seem like common sense, however it can happen. Relaxing in a hot tub for longer periods of time has its benefits, in particular your muscles really loosen up during this time. When exiting the tub, it is recommended to be caution due to the delayed motor function you may have. We don’t want to tell you not to relax too much, but take after prolonged soaks. Our SOFT-TOUCH slip resistant surface will also ensure to help protect you and your family from slipping and falling when using a Viking Spa.

DO: Entertain

Enjoying the company of friends and family can be extremely satisfying. Owning a hot tub is certainly going to make your backyard the place to be among friends and family. Hot tubs are a great place to relax, talk and really take your outdoor party to the next level.

DON’T: Jump & Dive

Let’s not take the age old saying, “jump in, the water is great” to literally. Being a small body of water, a hot tub is no place to be practicing your Olympic diving skills. Enjoying a few drinks or having the kids play in the tub is always a fun time, just be sure to do the smart thing in these situations.

DO: Maintain your Spa

The hot tubs of today have wonderful filtration systems, including the likes of Ozone purifiers and UV sanitizers. However, each spa does need a bit of TLC and maintenance is very simple. Nobody will want to get near your hot tub if the water is smelly or cloudy. Regular checks and a few minutes of maintenance each week will have you and your family looking forward to time in the tub.

DON’T: Overheat your water

It’s called a hot tub for a reason, you want to be able to enjoy the allure of clean, clear and perfectly heated water, just don’t get too careless with high temperatures either. Water temperatures above recommended levels can be very dangerous and can be far from healthy. Make sure to monitor your spa’s temperature and keep it within optimal temperature zones.

DO: Take in the scenery

Whether you have a great scenic view or not, a really awesome way to end a long day is to have some quite time and gaze up at the stars. During those cold winter nights, taking the time to just simply look up and take that beauty in can increase that level of relaxation.

DON’T: Forget a towel

Not having a towel on hand is not the end of the world, however it does provide its convenience. During those cold winter nights, the last thing you want to do is get out your warm, toasty tub and realize you left your towel inside. No one is going to enjoy that bitterly cold experience, so let’s not ruin that perfect time spent in the tub. Bring a towel.

DO: Date Night

Enjoying a hot tub doesn’t always need to be with large groups, sometimes a little alone time with someone special is all you really need. A quite evening, glass of wine and a relaxing dip in the tub is a simple way to create the perfect date night.

DON’T: Drink too much

Prolonged time in hot water has its benefits on the body, only thing is if you combine this with drinking alcohol, we recommend being cautious. Because the hot water causes your blood vessels to dilate and increase blood flow, it also increases the rate in which our bodies absorb alcohol. While having a party or spending that one on one time, enjoying a cool beverage (or two) is what we all like to do – all we ask is that you take care during this time and keep those drinks to a minimum for everyone’s safety.

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