Do Hot Tubs Increase Home Resale Value?

Do Hot Tubs Increase Home Resale Value Viking Spas

Do Hot Tubs Increase Home Resale Value?

Who doesn’t love a hot tub? It’s a great way to relax after work and spend some quality time with your friends and family, far away from screens. Hot tubs are quite popular with homeowners, but if you’re thinking about making this investment, you may be thinking, “Do hot tubs increase home resale value?” — and the short answer is: sometimes they can!

Keep reading this blog post to find out more about how a hot tub can increase home resale value.

How a Hot Tub Can Increase Home Value

A home with a spa can certainly attract better offers. Since hot tubs are a popular home addition, some potential buyers could find it appealing to discover a house on the market which already had a hot tub.

However, it’s important to note that hot tubs do require a bit of maintenance, which for some home buyers might not be so appealing. But in general, if you have a functional, clean, and up-to-code personal spa on your property, you can expect an increase in your home value.

How much value is added (meaning how much more you can ask when you put your house on sale) can depend on a lot of different factors. And the type of hot tub is one of them.

Types of Hot Tubs

The type of hot tub you have can increase or lower the amount of value this addition brings to your home. In general, people will have either a standalone hot tub or one built into the ground, similar to a swimming pool. In-ground tubs add more value, especially if you also have a swimming pool, but not always. People will also look for:

  • Size
  • Features
  • Accessories
  • Landscaping and ambiance, etc.

Essentially, the nicer the hot tub, and the cozier the environment, the more value this addition can bring to your home.

How to Leverage a Hot Tub When Selling Your Home

The hot tub can be used as a device to help potential home buyers see themselves in your home – in a pampered and relaxed environment. So it’s very important to prep the hot tub before potential buyers stop for a visit, to make sure it has the effect you want.

Here are a few tips on how to leverage a hot tub when selling your home:

  • Deep clean the hot tub to remove any spots or stains that can make it look older. Often, a good deep clean can make the tub look almost brand new;
  • Consider adding some new accessories to increase its appeal;
  • Take care of the landscaping of your backyard to create a nice view while sitting in the hot tub;
  • Upgrade your lighting

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