Common Myths About Hot Tubs, Debunked

Common Myths About Hot Tubs West Michigan

Common Myths About Hot Tubs, Debunked

Thinking about buying a hot tub but something’s holding you back? It might be because of a few common misconceptions about it. You’d think nobody would go that extra mile to come up with myths about hot tubs of all things, and yet word-of-mouth stories have the potential to change your perception of literally any topic. So let’s debunk some of the most common myths about hot tubs that may prevent you from getting one or truly enjoying your experience:

1.) They Are a Hassle Because They Require a Lot of Cleaning

Hot tub filtration systems do a great job at cleaning the water in a hot tub and, by default, the hot tub itself. Claiming hot tubs require constant cleaning is a bit of an exaggeration. In reality, hot tubs can benefit from regular cleaning just like other sanitary items in your home, like your regular bathtub.

2.) Don’t Bother Getting One Unless They Have a Lot of Jets

Some manufacturers may recommend hot tubs with more jets, claiming these offer a better spa experience. While this can be true, don’t necessarily take this statement at face value.

Too many jets can also make a hot tub experience uncomfortable as it places more strain on the muscles. In the end, it’s about personal preference, and the experience you want to have in the hot tub.

3.) Hot Tubs Are Expensive to Operate and Not Worth It

Hot tubs today are very energy efficient. With the right pump motor, insulation, and sealing cover, you can operate your hot tub for less than $20 per month. So if running costs or sustainability are a concern, be sure to search for energy-efficient models!

4.) Pool Chlorine Tablets Can Help You Save Money

If you want to enjoy this acquisition for a long time, you should only be using products specifically designed to clean hot tubs. Chlorine tablets are designed for pool use only, as they are slowly dissolving in cold water. The warm water in hot tubs can make the tablets dissolve too quickly and can affect the chemical balance of the tub.

5.) You Can Use Antifreeze to Keep the Water from Freezing in the Winter

Antifreeze can keep the water from freezing during winter, but if you do this you’ll probably want to let go of your hot tub right after. Antifreeze has chemicals that are very harmful to human skin, meaning there is a very high chance to develop a rash because of it.

Proper insulation is the best and safest way to trap heat and prevent the water from freezing.

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