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Rest comfortably: a virtually indestructible spa.

All Viking 2015 Spa models are made with SOFT-TOUCH, Slip Resistant Satin Series surfaces and are made with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Viking then coats the underspa with heavy poly-urethane two-pound density foam to provide ultimate support to load-bearing areas and provide layers of thick insulation. In other words, a Viking Spa easily has more than the insulation required for a home in the coldest parts of the United States.

  • Viking is able to offer a lifetime warranty on our spa shell due to the superior construction and the benefits of Fortiflex™ HDPE.*
  • Our 6 year Parts & Labor Warranty* is further evidence of our confidence in our product.
  • Go ahead, ask around to see if other manufacturers back their product like we do ours.

Features that feature / benefits that benefit.

Most second time spa buyers will tell you they don’t need all the “bells and whistles” they purchased with their first spa.  That $4000 20" TV option is most-likely not on the "must have" list the next go around.

Essentially, a spa is personified by the power of the therapy and the dependability of its components.

We exclusively use Waterway pumps on all Viking spas. In the Aurora, Royale, Regal, Legacy, Legend & Heritage Series, we use Waterway’s Executive Series 56 frame pump. The Executive Series runs as much as 50% cooler than the commonly used 48 frame pump and is also one of the most energy efficient in the industry for its size.

Viking spas are also available with a 5.5 kilowatt heater! This is a very important feature that separates us from many spa brands. With a higher kilowatt heater your spa will heat up faster and most importantly maintain the exact temperature you like to relax with.

Lastly, Viking Spas has set a new industry safety standard in single pump systems by using two bottom side suctions in conjunction with pool-style weir skimmer on all of our spas. Rest comfortably knowing that we place our own children in our spas and know what it takes to make them safe. That is why we are proud of our TUV listing

*6 year warranty available in the US only