Find Your Personal Spa: The Beginning

Introducing the New Viking Spas Blog

A warm welcome from the official Viking Spas blog- an area of the latest personal spa collection releases, spa care and tips, and latest news in the spa industry. Viking Spas' new blog will feature the different series that we offer, from the Aurora Series, which is a top choice for those looking for a more personal spa experience, to the Heritage Series which were made with comfort and luxury in front of mind.

Here you will find not only information that will guide you in your product selection, but you will read tips on making your spa experience as best as possible. Hear announcements and critical care information for your personal spa from industry leaders. This blog will also allow you to ask questions, let us know what products you love and share any tips you may have for other readers.

Find Your Perfect Personal Spa

Our goal is to help you find what model and make works for you and your price range. We look at where you want to place your personal spa, what your budget is, and what features and benefits you value most. We want to provide you with everything you need to know about each spa.

But what about once you get that spa?

The Viking Spas Blog will be an essential resource for your post-installment needs. Maintaining your spa is the most important factor in extending its lifetime, and the Viking Spa Blog will share the latest tips in making your personal spa last as long as possible. We will also share ways to use your spa, so you experience as many benefits as possible.

Viking Spas first brought an affordable, portable round spa to the industry in the early 1970's. This family-owned business has continued to live by the primary rule of keeping it simple. From the first model, built one way, to the eight models, built in two to four different ways, Viking Spas offers the best value in the spa industry.

We look forward to the spa-tastic times!